Guest Writing Center Support

Haskell Indian Nations Students 

The KU Writing Center is proud to offer our services to students from Haskell Indian Nations University. Haskell Indian Nations University students are welcome to make face-to-face appointments at our Anschutz Library location and eTutoring (written feedback) appointments. If you are part of the Haskell Exchange Program with a current KU ID and login access, you can use the Writing Center’s regular appointment system. Otherwise, you may use the Guest Appointment Request Form below to make an appointment. 

Recent KU Alumni 

We are also able to offer writing consultations to KU Alumni who graduated within the last two years when appointments are available. We will do our best to provide an appointment time, but we prioritize current students, so alumni appointments may not be available at busy times of the year. Recent alumni can make face-to-face appointments at our Anschutz Library location and eTutoring (written feedback) appointments through the Guest Appointment Request Form. 

Guest Appointments 

The Writing Center’s appointment system requires KU’s single log-in to make an appointment. Therefore, if you are not a current student, you cannot access the appointment system. Instead, please complete the Guest Appointment Request Form below, following the directions. 

Once an appointment is made, you will still receive emails regarding appointment confirmations and reports. However, you will not be able to log in and change appointments. Please call us if you need to change the time, cancel an appointment, or submit a new document for your appointment. 

Since videoconferences are run through WCOnline, we cannot offer videoconference appointments to guests. You are welcome to sign up for face-to-face appointments in Anschutz Library on the Lawrence campus or asynchronous eTutoring appointments that provide written feedback with no real-time conversation. 

How to Request an Appointment 

  1. Check our hours and locations. You may only make appointments during our regular hours. 

  1. Click on the Guest Appointment Request Form button below and fill out the required information. If this is the first time you’ve used our services, or it has been over 6 months, we will ask for information to register your account profile. Once you have a profile, you will not need to fill out the profile information for each appointment request. 

  1. Complete the Appointment Information section of the request form for each appointment you want. Please provide at least 3 dates you are available and possible time periods. We will make an appointment for you using this information. 

  1. If you schedule an eTutoring appointment, you can attach the document you want reviewed to the request form. You can also email it to us before your appointment time at If we do not have the document before the appointment start time, the appointment will be marked a no-show.   

  1. You will receive an email confirming your appointment. You will also receive an email after your appointment with the Client Report Form and any feedback provided during the appointment. 

  1. If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, call the Writing Center at 785-864-7733 or email  

  1. If you scheduled an in-person appointment, simply come to Anschutz Library 424 a few minutes before your appointment and check in with the person at the front desk. If you scheduled an eTutoring appointment and you have already provided the document for feedback, you do not need to be anywhere at the appointment time. You will receive an email at the end of the appointment time with your feedback.