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KU Writing Center Policies

This page houses the KU Writing Center policies. Please email us if you have any further questions.



  • You can make up to 2 appointments per week and 1 per day. These are subject to change during busy or slow periods of the semester at the staff’s discretion. 

  • Graduate students making more than one appointment per week must meet with 2 different consultants. Please do not sign up with the same consultant more than 1 time per week. 

  • You must cancel your appointment at least 1 hour in advance. Otherwise, it will be considered a no-show appointment.   

  • For eTutoring appointments, attach your file(s) in WCOnline at least 5 minutes prior to the appointment's start time. If the writing is not attached, the appointment will be recorded as a no-show appointment. Please note that the system only accepts short Word files. If you try to attach another type of document, or a very large file (like a full dissertation), it will not upload correctly. 

  • If you are more than 10 minutes late for an in-person or videoconference appointment, the appointment will be treated as a no-show, and we will not be able to conduct the appointment.

  • If you miss more than 3 scheduled appointments, you will no longer be able to make KU Writing Center appointments. In order for your access to be reset, you must email the Writing Center and talk to the Associate or Assistant Director.

  • If you are ill, do not come into the Writing Center. We can reschedule the appointment for an online option if desired.  

  • You should bring both a copy of your essay and assignment directions in either print or digital format. 

  • While only required for eTutoring appointments, attaching your essay to the appointment form before all types of appointments, even face-to-face, can be helpful for your consultant. 

  • We can only work with you on writing that is your own. Do not bring in a piece of writing on behalf of another person. 

  • For eTutoring appointments, consultants provide written feedback using the comments feature of Microsoft Word, so documents must be uploaded as a .doc or .docx file. 

  • Due to the appointment lengths, consultants can only assist with pieces of writing up to 8 pages typed and double-spaced, or about 3,000 words, per session.   

  • Do not seek assistance with written exams without express permission from your instructor. It is your responsibility as the student to ask the instructor if you are allowed to use the Writing Center for take-home exams before your appointment. If allowed, we will only assist with wording and grammar in these situations.

  • In order to work with consultants at the same degree level, undergraduate students should sign up for appointments on the Undergraduate Appointments schedule and graduate students should sign up on the Graduate Appointments schedule. This guideline does not apply to Spanish writing as both undergraduate and master’s students will sign up for Spanish writing appointments on the same schedule. 

  • Because we want to preserve our role as non-evaluative readers and distinguish the Writing Center from other academic sites like the classroom, you should not work with consultants who also serve as instructors in your classes.  

  • If you would like to provide instructors with proof you used the Writing Center, you can email them a copy of the Client Report Form at the end of the appointment. Consultants or administrators will not email instructors on your behalf.  
  • Avoid bringing food into the Writing Center. Drinks are allowed if they are covered and will not spill.