Instructor Support

We encourage faculty members to refer their undergraduate and graduate students to the KU Writing Center. If you recommend it, students will come. We request that you refer individuals rather than requiring every student to attend. We simply do not have the capacity! If you would like us to work with your entire class, we recommend In-Class Workshops (below). Feel free to use the Syllabus Statement for all your courses.

We encourage you to include this information about the KU Writing Center in your course syllabi:

The KU Writing Center is a free service for KU undergraduate and graduate students, where trained peer consultants work with writers of all levels and abilities. You can work one-on-one with a writing consultant on any course assignment or writing project—essays, research papers, presentations, application essays, and more—at any point of completeness or incompleteness. To learn more visit, and see our appointment hours and locations at

Our professional staff members are happy to assist faculty and instructors with designing assignments that incorporate writing into their courses. In addition to delivering in-class workshops or facilitating peer review sessions for your class (see the section on In-Class Workshops below), we can consult with instructors on assignment development and responding to student writing. If you're interested in a one-on-one consultation email us as at

We offer 30-45 minute in-depth, hands-on workshops on specific topics, from thesis development to citation style, for both graduate and undergraduate courses. Please check each workshop description for details. Because we aim to assist students at their point of need, they should be working on a specific assignment at the time of the workshop. We can also attend your class and give a 15-minute presentation that introduces your students to the KU Writing Center, our website, and our services. Instructors of record must be present during the workshop as their input is essential.

If you have any questions about workshops, email our Workshop Coordinator.

Writing Fellows are KU Writing Center consultants dedicated to supporting student writing in your discipline, assigned to your course. For more information, contact us at