Virtual Zoom Appointments

Want to talk with a tutor, writing consultant, or coach but can’t make it to the Wingspan? No problem.

Through our virtual appointments, you can work with a peer educator anywhere you want (as long as it has a decent internet connection and you have a mic). We call these Virtual Zoom Appointments.

Follow the directions on the Wingspan's Appointments page to make an appointment. Under the question, "How would you like to meet?" choose “Virtual” to have a videoconference on Zoom.

To attend a videoconference appointment, join the Zoom link provided by email in your appointment confirmation. You can also find the link in your appointment details on Jayhawk GPS. You must have a working microphone to talk with your consultant. We also encourage you to use your video. 

Once you are in Zoom, you will be greeted by our office assistant and then paired with your coach, writing consultant, or tutor in a breakout room. You will be able to use virtual whiteboards and shared screens to work on your assignments.

Late Arrivals: You must arrive on time for your appointment in Zoom. If you are more than 10 minutes late, your appointment will be treated as a no-show, and we will not be able to conduct the appointment.

Policies to Know

Technology Requirements: 

For virtual appointments, you'll need access to a good internet connection. You'll also need a computer that has a microphone and camera so you can meet with your peer educator and have a real-time conversation about your writing.

Because these are interactive, collaborative appointments, please make sure you join your videoconference appointment in a setting in which you can focus and engage in a professional, school-related conversation.

Writing Center 101

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