Frequently Asked Questions


The Writing Center is a place where writers can work one-on-one with a writing consultant trained to talk about writing, either in person or online. Writers need feedback, sounding boards, and other people to coach and guide them while they compose, and that's where the KU Writing Center comes in. It's a place for productive talk about writing, with trained peer consultants to help you brainstorm, draft or edit your writing project. Writers can learn, over time, to become better writers. 

We welcome KU Lawrence and Edwards students from any major or department, as well as students from Haskell Indian Nations University, to write with us. We believe that all writers--even those who consider themselves "pretty good writers"--need trusted readers and deserve quality feedback. Students at any skill level or at any stage in the writing process can make an appointment or drop in.

If you are not a KU student, please see our Guest Support.

The KU Writing Center is located on the 4th floor of Anschutz Library. In-person and online KU Writing Center services are available when classes are in session from Monday-Friday. Most services are by appointment, but drop-ins are sometimes available. See our Hours & Locations page for updated information.

First, learn more about how writing consultations work. From this page you can choose which type of appointment type would be best for you and your writing project. Then, follow the directions to secure your time slot.

While we recommend making appointments because then you have a guaranteed time reserved, we do accept drop-ins for face-to-face consultations as well. These are available if a consultant does not have an appointment scheduled, a student cancels their appointment, or a student does not show up for their appointment after 10 minutes. 

We will allow drop-ins up until 20 minutes into the regular appointment time. For example, if the original appointment slot was from 1:00-1:50 pm, drop-ins will be allowed until 1:20 pm. You will only get the remainder of the original time period as well, so you would then have a 30-minute appointment until 1:50 pm. 

If you would like a drop-in appointment, please stop by the front desk of the Writing Center in Anschutz Library 424. Most of our appointments start either at the hour or the half hour, so those are good times to ask about availability. You must be physically present to make a drop-in appointment, and we cannot guarantee that one will be available when you arrive.

Students may make one appointment per day and two appointments per week. During busy times of the semester, this policy may change so we can ensure that the KUWC can help as many writers as possible.  

Some students think they must take completed papers to their KUWC appointments; however, we work with writers at any stage of the process. Even if your paper isn't "complete," keep your appointment. You'll be surprised at how much you can accomplish.

If you must cancel your appointment:

  • Return to the online Appointment System, open your appointment, and choose the option to cancel that appointment at least one hour in advance. This creates an opportunity for another writer to book your appointment.
  • If you do not cancel your appointment, it will be considered a missed appointment.
  • If you miss three scheduled appointments, you will no longer be permitted to make KU Writing Center appointments online without first speaking with a professional staff member.

When you work one-on-one with a consultant, you can discuss ideas, ask questions, read your text, learn to organize, revise, edit, or proofread. After several visits, you may notice that your writing process is more productive. You may find yourself paying much more attention to your writing, writing more effectively and efficiently, and thinking more confidently of yourself as a writer. 

First, your writing consultant will want to know about what you are working on and what goals you have for your project. Your consultant will use this discussion to set an agenda for the session. As educators, not editors, our goal is to help you revise and improve a project while you get a better sense of yourself as a writer. After each session, we ask you to fill out a brief feedback form. There is no charge for working with a writing consultant.

We do not offer copy-editing services. Our consultants are trained as peer educators, meaning they are trained to work with writers to teach them how to identify patterns of error and mistakes, with the goal of helping writers learn to edit their own writing. This means that while the consultant will not copyedit your paper for you, they will point out patterns of error and teach you about those patterns so that you can continue growing and improving as a writer.

Before your appointment, think about the type of feedback you would like to get. To prepare, you should:

  • Write down a list of questions you'd like to ask the consultant
  • Note any place you feel stuck in the writing project
  • Note specific things you like about the project
  • Note specific things you would like to improve about the project
  • Save time to make revisions after your appointment

We have found that writers who are personally motivated and ready to talk about their writing gain the most from their appointments. If you're not sure what to talk about, though, don't worry! Consultants will ask you questions to help get the conversation going.

Bring any kind of writing project at any stage of completeness or incompleteness. Bring your questions, ideas, notes, doodles, and assignment instructions. If you have a draft, bring it in hard copy or on your laptop. We can no longer accommodate flash drives.

We are excited to offer Spanish writing consultations for the first time in the Writing Center this fall! Spanish writing consultations will be available to students writing essays in Spanish or who feel more comfortable speaking to their consultant in Spanish. Click here to find out more about who can book Spanish writing consultations and how to book appointments. 

While we value linguistic diversity and encourage writers to write in many languages, we are not currently equipped to give language-specific feedback on writing in languages other than English and Spanish. We suggest checking with the appropriate language program to see what resources they provide for language learners. 

Foreign language tutoring through Tutoring Services »

If you notice students could benefit from writing support, we recommend that you refer specific students for specific reasons. Suggest that they schedule an appointment online. Please refrain from requiring an entire class to visit the Writing Center (see our Instructor Support page for ways we can support your entire class). We also ask that you not assign credit or extra credit for Writing Center attendance before consulting with the Associate Director, as our resources are limited, and we serve the entire university. You can request that students who visit the Writing Center share a copy of their appointment note with you via email.

KU Writing Center consultants are graduate and undergraduate students who have experience as writers working with writers. In addition to pre-service training, they continue to learn their craft through staff education workshops. These qualified consultants are peer tutors, trained to coach and guide you as you interact with them about your writing.

KU Writing Center consultants are graduate and undergraduate students who have experience as writers working with writers. In addition to pre-service training, they continue to learn their craft through staff education workshops. These qualified consultants are peer tutors, trained to coach and guide you as you interact with them about your writing. Find out more about working as a writing consultant at Join Our Staff.