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  • $25: Funds two hour-long sessions for a graduate writing group.
  • $50: Funds five hours of one-on-one consultations with Writing Center undergraduate peer consultants.
  • $100: Funds training for five Writing Fellows.
  • $250: Funds 25 eTutoring or Videoconference appointments for undergraduate and graduate students.
  • $500: Funds workshops and materials for Thesis/Dissertation Accelerators.
  • $750: Funds one undergraduate writing consultant at five hours per week for one semester.
  • $1,000: Funds replacements for current laptops used during consultations and workshops.
  • $5,000: Funds a Graduate Intern to organize writing groups for graduate and undergraduate students.
  • $25,000: Funds expansion of the Writing Fellows program from fifteen writing-intensive courses per semester to thirty.

Your donation makes possibilities like these realities! 

How to donate to the KU Writing Center

Donating to the KU Writing Center is easy! Access the KU Endowment donation page linked below. Designate your gift amount, then fill in the "My gift will benefit" box with the words "KU Writing Center" to earmark your donation for the KU Writing Center Endowment Fund.

Student Testimonials

  • "I would definitely visit the Writing Center again, because it's always nice to get insightful feedback about your work from others. Something might make sense in your mind when you write it out on Word, but it may not be so clear to others."

  • "E-tutoring is an efficient and productive resource that KU has for all of us! We must take advantage of this resource. I received feedback about my writing project in just a couple of hours."

  • "The writing center is a great place to go if you got stuck in your writing. They help you generate more ideas on how to finish your project."


  • "I appreciate that KU has this resource! It is amazing! I received feedback about my writing project that was practical and also the tutor gave me suggestions and advice in a very sweet way, and I feel encouraged to continue writing! Thank You!"

  • "I have never used the writing center and my teacher suggested I try it. I was very impressed. I was worried the feedback would be way too harsh or not useful at all but I was very surprised. The feedback was very constructive but actually helped me to improve my paper without totally putting me down."

  • "As a non-native speaker of the English, the writing center is my source of help with my writing. I will always be thankful for the writing center for helping me out and giving me more ideas on how to improve my style of writing."